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 If you’ve ever seen a kitchen on TV or the pages of a magazine and had to wipe drool from your mouth, you may have “kitchen envy”. Finding the perfect kitchen to fit you and your specific needs can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve helped cure many cases of “kitchen envy” with some sophisticated ways to improve your kitchen on any budget.

The first step in creating your dream kitchen is visualization. Visualize the kitchen you want to have and work your way towards that vision. You may not be able to install new cupboards, but think of the feeling or mood you want your apartment’s kitchen to embody and work towards that. For example, to give the effect of a bright sunny kitchen, use light colours, remove any blinds and install mirrors to reflect light!

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1. Paint

Your kitchen, your style. By making customized design choices, you’re able to express your taste and make your kitchen your own. Try adding an accent colour - even the little touches make a huge difference, like painting your cupboards or chairs.

2. Hooks

Using some simple hooks can transform the look and feel of your kitchen! Use them to hang your utensils and pots. Not only does this free up counter space for you to cook, but it also saves you time having to dry any of them! This simple trick is a great space saver, and it’s trendy, too!

3. Add a rug

While most people don’t think of using rugs in their kitchen, it’s actually a great way to make the space feel more personalized and cozy. Use a bright colour to give your kitchen more life or subtle hues to add a layer of comfort.

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4. Light

Light can make a huge difference in the feel of a kitchen. To brighten a dim kitchen, try replacing the lightbulbs with a brighter one. Or if you can’t stand your current light fixture, then replace it! There are tons of DYI light fixtures on Youtube if your budget is on the low side. 

Kitchen envy is a serious problem that many people face every day in their unsatisfying kitchens. But by using these great tips, you can transform your kitchen and your life. Use these tips for good! If you notice your friends showing symptoms of kitchen envy in your apartment, share the cure with these kitchen hacks!

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