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Whether you find an apartment with a laundromat on site or have to walk a few blocks to clean your clothes, there are lots of things that can go wrong with what may seem like a simple chore.

If you’re prone to laundry disasters, check out these must-know tips on how to wash your clothes like a pro:

1. Don’t overstuff the machines

Yes, we know it seems like a money saving trick to fit all your laundry into one wash instead of two or three, but in the end this trick could cost you a lot more than the extra quarters you were hoping to save.

Stuffing the machine to the brim not only resultsin improperly washed clothing, but could potentially break the machine you’re using. In the end, you’ll get more “bang” for your buck by just sizing your loads proportionately.

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We cannot stress this enough, so we’re going to say it again – READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

This tip doesn’t just stop at your detergent container (because we all know you don’t want to be the person whose machine is overflowing with soap). Make sure to read the instructions on the washer and dryer too! This will help avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes like putting your load on the wrong cycle or your detergent in the wrong place.

3. ALWAYS clean the lint trap before every use

This tip could save you from running your load of laundry through the dryer twice. The lint trap in a dryer needs to be cleaned after every use, to make sure your clothes are getting the maximum amount of heat, so they can dry on time!

Putting your clothes through an extra round of drying can get expensive if you’re doing it every time you do your laundry. Take a few seconds to clean the trap, and save yourself some cash!

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4. Always leave a basket

This is a great rule to follow, especially if your building has a public laundry room rather than in-unit.

Just in case someone is in a hurry to get their laundry done and needs to dump out your load, leave a basket to make sure your clean laundry doesn’t end up on the floor.

Pro-Tip: Leave a note in the laundry basket with your name, unit number and the machines you are using, to ensure your laundry doesn’t get lost if you leave the room.

5. Always pack a few extra pillow cases

They don’t take up a lot of space in your load, and just in case your towels or blankets dry fluffier than you expected, it’s helpful to use pillow cases as an extra bag.

BONUS: They need to be washed anyways!

Use these tips and tricks as your laundry guidelines from now on, and you’re sure to make this annoying chore a little easier, without loosing any more of your change.

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