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If you’re not into dumpster diving, furnishing your apartment may seem daunting and expensive -- that is, until you read this blog. Whether this is your first apartment and you are starting from scratch, or you’re moving on from roommates/university and have some lingering furniture, we’ve put together our thriftiest, dumpster-free solutions for furnishing your apartment on a limited budget.

1. Hand-me-downs

The best way to stay on a budget?  Don’t spend money unnecessarily! While inheriting hand-me-downs may seem like a no brainer, people often don’t know where to look. Go to social media and gracefully beg your friends and family for some gently used furniture you can borrow/keep. You never know who’s looking for an excuse to get rid of that weird dish setinherited from their aunt (hey, beggars can’t be choosers) or any number of items!

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TIP: If you’re so lucky as to keep the hand-me-downs, try painting or using wrapping paper to decorate some of the pieces. Just because you may not have picked them out, doesn’t mean you can’t transform them more to your taste.

2. Freebies

We’ve all heard the joke, “If it doesn’t have a price on it, it must be free!” Well, in this case it’s actually true. Craigslist and Kijiji have free sections for Ottawa, so check it out to see what you can snatch up for the simple price of getting it out of their hair! Make sure you check daily to find your ideal piece.

3. Trading platforms

If you happen to posses something of value (i.e. skills, gift cards/tokens, food) that you’re willing to part with, you can try Bunz Trading Zone  or Ottawa & Area Buy Sell Trade. These platforms are a great way of getting rid of unwanted stuff and getting something useful in return! Just take a picture, post it, request trade items and wait for the offers to come rolling in… Alternatively, you can search for your desired furniture and make an offer!

4. Thrifting

Thrifting is the old-school way of finding furnishings for cheap. Go to your local thrift stores or garage sales, and see what treasures you can find! A lot of items are in good condition and just need a new home.

Our go-to for thrifting for furnishings are dishes/cutlery. If you stick with a theme – like all glass -- when picking out your kitchen needs, you can end up with a sophisticated set that doesn’t have that mismatched vibe.

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5. Home Sense, Winners, Marshalls

While this may not be your first thought for furniture, that’s exactly why its on our list! You can get some great modern pieces at a great price. Often these stores will sell the “floor model” (the furniture that was on display) that’s in almost new, if not new condition while you get the savings! And if a piece seems to be damaged, these stores are no strangers to offering more of a discount.

Furnishing a new apartment is a great way for a fresh start! The key to successfully decorating your apartment for cheap is time. If you want an apartment that truly reflects your taste on a limited budget, you’ve got to wait it out and take things as they come.  But don’t forget, once you’ve made it ($$), you can pay it forward and donate/sell your furniture to someone else starting out! Until you get there though, use these tips to have a nicely furnished apartment for oh-so little!

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