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If you’re like every other tried and true Canadian out there, you are most likely welcoming the warm weather with open arms.

To help make sure your apartment is as ready as you are, here are a few tips to try:

1. Refresh your closet

It’s (finally) time to lose the heavy coats and swap out those dark, cool weather clothes for brighter hues and fresh new outfits.

Whether you rotate the selection of which clothes come first in your closet or you’re packing away the items you won’t wear into boxes, find a storage system that works for your space to limit clutter and get your closet summer ready.

2. Manage energy use

Depending on your lease agreement, managing the hot weather could either be a hassle or it could be a breeze (pun intended).

For those of you with your electricity included, it’s still important to manage how much energy you use. You may find you don’t need to crank your air conditioning up to it’s highest setting, so listen to your body and find a temperature that’s comfortable for you.

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If you’re scared of running your electric bills too high, use your AC sparingly and find some alternative ways to cool down…

3. Find alternate cooling methods

To keep both temperatures and hydro bills low, try opening all your windows at night when the air is cool, and keep windows and blinds closed in the morning hours to keep the sun from leaking in and warming your apartment.

Take advantage of ceiling fans if your apartment is equipped with them, and if not, invest in a couple rotating floor fans, both of which use far less energy than the average AC unit.

4. Switch up your décor

Your style changes with the seasons, why not do the same for your apartment? If you’re worried new décor will cost you a fortune, there are plenty of adjustments you can make that won’t put you over your budget.

Using throws and slip covers to add pops of colour to your space, freshening up your bathroom with a nice new bright shower curtain, and swapping out your heavy duvet for comforting cotton or linen sheets to keep you cool at night are just a few examples!

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5. Have plenty of ice on hand

First – for obvious reasons – having ice on hand is just a good old fashioned way to stay cool. But summer is also the season to have fun spending time with friends and family. Make sure your freezer is in good condition so you’ll have lots of ice ready for get-togethers with loved ones!

6. Prep your outdoor space

Take command of whatever outdoor space you have, whether it’s a small spot of ground in front of your door or a beautiful balcony.

Some suggestions: a friendly new summer themed door mat, easy-to-care-for potted plants, an outdoor couch or set of chairs or temporary tiles to change up the space. Something to entice yourself to spend time relaxing outside is all you need!

All you need is a little effort and resourcefulness to turn your apartment into a summertime oasis! 

Paramount Properties is a privately held, family-owned company established in 1986. We specialize in the management of high-quality residential properties. For more information, click here!

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