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Starting to see the signs of old Jack Frost in the morning? While this may be goodbye to patio weather it does mean the start of slippers, hot cocoa and holiday decorations!

With the cozy spirit in mind, we’ve found the six best ways to welcome winter and prepare your apartment. A little rearranging can make those long, cold nights a little bit more bearable.

Slippers/Fuzzy Socks
Don’t let your feet suffer with the cold weather. Invest in some cozy slippers and/or fuzzy socks! This will make waking up on those cold mornings way easier – we promise. Try keeping some extras by your front door to make any visitor feel at home.

Christmas lights
Christmas lights are an easy way to add warmth to any space. With less natural light these days, why not decorate your apartment with Christmas lights for a warming ambiance? 

Try hanging them from your ceilings, around pictures, or even some DIY holiday decorations - they're sure to give your apartment a cozy glow for the winter months. 

Light candles
But is it really winter without candles?! Candles can add a magical, soft glow to your apartment – oh and did we mention how great they smell? Our favourites include: apple crumble, apple cinnamon sugar or a classic warm vanilla spice.

DIY wreath
Wreaths are the ultimate winter decoration. With a variety of decoration options, you can make your own wreath to suit your personality! Try making them from pinecones, ornaments or even cork screws, so you can express yourself.

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Create the perfect reading nook
While Netflix marathons are a great way to spend a night-in during the colder months, give yourself an alternative way to spend your down time. Whether it’s for re-reading a series, pouring over glossy magazines or reading on your tablet, this space needs plenty of pillows, a blanket and a lamp to let your mind wander.

Pro tip: try to set your nook by an interior wall to keep you even warmer!

Drape blankets over your furniture
Give your apartment it’s “winter outfit” by throwing a cozy blanket over your sofa or in a basket nearby! Not only will this make your apartment seem cozier, but it's also a bonus when it’s cold and you need something to snuggle up with.

Fall and winter definitely call for a warm haven away from the cold. Create your perfect winter wonderland with our coziest decorating tips. These simple decorating touches make your home cozy and welcoming for fall and winter months.

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