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These simple tricks will help keep your place spick and span with minimal effort.

We get it! It’s summer and you’ve got a thousand things you’d rather be doing than cleaning your apartment in Ottawa. That’s why we created this list – so you can spend optimal amounts of time soaking up the sun and not wasting your precious summer days cleaning. Here are 8 tips for lazy people people that don’t like to clean on keeping your apartment spick and span.

1) Multitask like a pro

Don’t have enough time to give your apartment a thorough clean sweep? No problem – just multitask while you’re doing other things. If you’re cooking, use the free time to do some dishes. If you’re watching a show on Netflix, get up and sweep between episodes.

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 2) Put away as many things as possible

The key to not cleaning your apartment often is to not let it get dirty in the first place! Making a conscious effort to put things away reduces household clutter and makes cleaning much easier.

3) Divide your space into sections

Divide up your apartment into sections and set a timer for a few minutes, depending on the size of the section. Speed clean as much as you can for no more than 5 minutes, then switch sections until your apartment looks and feels fresh.

4) Spray and shower

It sounds weird, but keeping bathroom cleaner handy while showering can be a huge time saver for cleaning later. Simply spray a bathroom cleaner on the walls while you shower and give it a good rinse when you’re done. You can even scrub a little while your conditioner sets!

5) Use liquid soap  

Here’s another tip for the shower: use liquid soap! Soap bar residue contributes to shower grime and can also clog your drain.

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6) Clean the microwave with no hands

Cleaning the microwave is something that no one ever seems to get around to, even though it’s probably the most used appliance in your apartment! Try this sneaky hands-free trick: mix vinegar and water in a microwave safe bowl and set the timer for 3 minutes. Voila! You now have a clean and sanitized microwave.

7) Removable fridge and oven liners  

Whoever thought of removable fridge and oven liners is a genius. If you’re too lazy to wipe down your fridge or oven for crumbs, simply install these liners and remove them once they get dirty.

8) Save on dishes, not carbs

This truly might be the biggest hack for not dirtying up dishes – but it works! Wrap your food in a tortilla instead of using a bowl. It will save you from using a dish or a plate, just don’t be on a diet while using this trick.

With the help of these 8 helpful hints, we hope that cleaning your apartment will be less of a hassle from now on. Do you have any apartment cleaning tips? Comment below!

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