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Its pooky season! The Ottawa Valley has a few spots that are reported as haunted, and we wanted to share them in the spirit of Halloween. A number of museums, a wooded area and even a hospital are reportedly haunted. Here's a list of eight of the most "haunted" places in the Valley and the stories behind them.

1) Moore House, Carleton Place - Carleton Place's Moore House, constructed in the mid 1800s, was home to multiple generations of the Moore family, including Ida Moore, who lived there with her parents and four siblings. In 1900, at the age of 21, Ida died from tuberculosis in the home, and many believe her spirit has haunted the building ever since. Some of Ida’s antics allegedly include moving objects, opening and closing windows, turning the radio on and off, staring out windows and generally giving people the creeps. A paranormal investigation was conducted at Moore House in July, 2017 by Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations.

2) Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, Perth - Legend has it that the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, formerly known as the Great War Hospital, has a curse upon it. Apparitions of members of the Malloch family, appearing haggard and unwell, have been known to appear at second-story windows and in the upstairs halls. The late Peter Code, a life-long resident of Perth and a member of one of the town's original and eminent families, was very convincing when he told of his personal encounter with the ghost.

3) Perth Museum/Matheson House, Perth - Perth Museum consists of the 1840 stone home built for Canadian senator and merchant, the Honorable Roderick Matheson. It has been restored to reflect the 1800s era–so well, in fact, that the family members have known to appear in spirit. Caretakers and visitors alike have reported seeing their apparitions.

4) Gallipeau Centre, Smiths Falls - The creep factor of Smiths Falls' Gallipeau Centre recently helped add to and inspire the filming of the horror movie Unholy Night, as crew members reported a number of strange goings-on during the filming, including hearing the mysterious sound of children laughing and seeing an apparition that mimicked the viewers' body movements.

5) The McDougall Mill Museum, Renfrew - People claim to have heard unexplained footsteps in the upstairs area of the museum, as well as the sound of children playing and feelings of being watched. In an investigation by the Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society (CHAPS) in 2015, team members claimed to have seen the figure of a woman, and a loud bang was heard behind where the team was investigating. 

6) Buck Hill - People have been talking for years about the possible haunting of Buck Hill, which is located approximately 90 kilometres from Pembroke, close to Algonquin Park. Legend has it that during the Depression, a little girl vanished one night while chasing after her family's pet dog, who had run off. Her father, a logger, searched for her for so long he eventually went mad. Some people believe that his ghost still searches for her, and his lantern is seen as ghost lights in the area. The balls of light, seen at close range, are reportedly baseball-sized white, amber or green lights that will occasionally flare up to much larger. 

7) Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village, Pembroke - The Pembroke museum was the subject of an investigation by the Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society in 2009, then every year since 2013. Nothing conclusive has yet been found, however over the years there have been reports of footsteps heard upstairs in the pioneer log home, toys moving around in the children's room and dishes moving in the dining room.  Staff working in the main building have also had strange experiences that can't be explained.

8) Heritage House Museum, Smiths Falls - The museum is associated with a number of ghostly stories - so many that it has offered "ghost walks" where patrons heard a story in each room of the Victorian-era home as they made their way through the tour. Over the years, people working at the museum have reported "creepy" feelings, particularly around the staircase. In 2008, the Canadian Haunting and Paranormal Society did an investigation at the museum and reported some “activity” such as temperature variations, a door closed that was normally open and other sounds. However, none of the evidence was conclusive.

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