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Don’t spend a second living in an apartment that doesn’t feel like home! Follow these tips and take action to increase your comfort and personalize your new space:  

Deep Clean

Although most apartments are typically cleaned in advance to prepare for new tenants, it is likely that there may still be work to do. Before you start decorating, take some time to deep clean any areas of your new apartment that need a little extra TLC (or that may have been overlooked). This includes dusting light fixtures, wiping down baseboards, and cleaning the bathroom. Next, tackle rooms one at a time, ensuring that they are organized and fully set up. Clear clutter and boxes to make rooms feel lived in and homey.

Create the Atmosphere

One of the best ways to make your new apartment feel like home is to tailor the atmosphere to your preferences. You can start doing this by planning out the lighting to suit your needs, choosing fixtures to create the appropriate level of lighting and suit your taste in décor. You can add to the atmosphere of your apartment by creating a certain scent to greet you when you walk in the door. This can be done by using air fresheners or candles that you enjoy.

Bonus Tip: Cooking in your new kitchen is also one of the best ways to make an apartment feel like home. It allows you to get to know your space and fill your home with the scent of your favorite meal. 

Pictures and Artwork

Nothing personalizes a space more than family photos and your favorite artwork. Pictures and art are one of the most versatile pieces of décor since they can be used as subtle accents or as statement pieces. If your landlord doesn’t allow tenants to make holes in the wall for hanging, opt for picture hanging strips or free-standing frames. This can be done in any and all rooms within your apartment and can include both sentimental or aesthetic pieces. 

Explore the Neighbourhood

Hopefully, before settling on a new apartment, you will have done some research on the surrounding area. That said, one of the most important steps to making a place your own is getting to know the neighborhood. Start small by introducing yourself to your neighbors (both in your building and next door). Next, take some time to figure out where you will be doing your grocery shopping, laundry, and other customary activities. Finally, use your free time to explore your street and those close by in order to find the best café, restaurants, and activities. Nothing says home like a favorite neighborhood hangout!

Paramount Properties is a privately held, family-owned company established in 1986. We specialize in the management of high-quality residential properties. For more information, or to check out our current listings, click here!

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