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Picture this… You’ve furnished your new apartment with the nicest rug and best second-hand furniture you can find. You’re finally unwinding from 12 hours straight of driving across the city and lugging boxes and you decide its time to eat. You make your way into the kitchen to prepare one of the one-pot-meals that you’ve purchased ingredients for, but when you start searching your cupboards you realize something rather important – you don’t have a pot. This doesn’t have to be you! Paramount Properties has come to the rescue again with a list of kitchen essentials for your new apartment:

Measuring Cups

Needless to say, there are certain things that can be used to substitute measuring cups in a pinch (a coffee mug, small bowl, your hand). However, if you’re a beginner in the kitchen and plan on following recipes to prepare your favorite meal, measuring cups are a must. Opt for stainless steel or glass measuring cups as they tend to preserve their shape and last longer than plastic. 

Mid-Sized Knife

Good quality knives are expensive. If you’re on a budget and have to choose one knife to purchase, a mid-sized knife with a smooth, sharp edge will allow you to complete a wide variety of kitchen tasks. This type of knife small enough to slice fruits and veggies, and help you eat a chicken breast, but big enough to handle cutting meat and maybe even carving that first jack-o'-lantern. 

Three-Quart Pot or Sauce Pan

Possibly one of the most versatile kitchen tools, this item can be used to prepare sauces, pasta, chilies, and even just to boil water if necessary. Additionally, if you have yet to purchase a frying pan, it can be used to scramble eggs, make grilled cheese, and sauté vegetables. No, it may not be the most glamorous process in certain situations, however, it is functional and multipurpose for someone on a budget. 

Mixing Bowl

Ideally, each kitchen would come fully equipped with a set of assorted mixing bowls. Unfortunately, though, that is not the case. One large mixing bowl can be used for countless recipes, regardless of the quantity needed. While plastic mixing bowls can be purchased at any Walmart, Dollar Store, or kitchen wares store, it would be optimal to invest in a stainless steel or glass alternative that will last longer, clean easier, and resist scratching. 

Cookie Sheet

As with a pot or saucepan, purchasing a cookie sheet can prove to be a worthwhile investment when stocking a new kitchen. Cookie sheets can be used for baking meats, vegetables, pizzas, convenience foods and, you guessed it, cookies! Choose a cookie sheet over a standard baking sheet as the raised edges allow you to insert and remove it from the oven without disturbing whatever is on the pan. 

Wooden Spoon

Inexpensive and long-lasting, this tool will allow you to stir the contents of your mixing bowl, and scrape it into a pan without leaving a drop. Additionally, it can be used to eat your cereal or macaroni and cheese, in a pinch. 

Paramount Properties is a privately held, family-owned company established in 1986. We specialize in the management of high-quality residential properties. For more information, or to check out our current listings, click here!

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