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Living in an apartment can be a great experience! It allows you to find a space that fits your needs, the flexibility to move easily, and the opportunity to meet and interact with a whole new community. There are certain dangers associated with renting, specifically the behavior and treatment that you receive from your landlord. If you are feeling uneasy, keep reading to help identify some common red flags:

Entering Unannounced

One of the first things that landlords aren’t allowed to do is enter your apartment unannounced/without notice. The Tenant Protection Act stipulates that tenants must be given prior notice before entering your apartment. The exception to this is the case of possible emergencies such as fires or gas leaks. In the event that your landlord does enter your apartment without notice, start by having a frank discussion with them. Be very clear about your expectations and concerns, and review the Tenant Protection Act, as well as your lease. If this issue persists, consider seeking a higher authority to help.

Increasing Your Rent

During your lease, your rent should remain the same, or be increased slightly over time (in accordance with your city’s laws). Additionally, your contract should detail the initial amount of your rent and the monthly due date. Although this number can be increased, it cannot be increased in the middle of your lease term and cannot be increased higher than the percentage stated by your city’s regulations. In order to prevent miscommunications, verify the terms of your lease agreement to ensure that the expectations are clear. If issues to arise between you and your landlord, make sure to keep a copy of all communications with your landlord and document what was said during your conversations.

Refusing to Make Repairs

If you’re faced with any issues in your apartment that require repairs, it is generally the responsibility of the landlord that these get completed promptly and effectively. Unattended repairs could put you and your neighbors at risk. If you have reached out to your landlord regarding a concern and they have been unresponsive, you may need to try a slightly more aggressive approach. This is particularly important if it is a major repair as they can often take an extended period of time to fix once addressed.

Lock or Freeze Out Tenants

Contrary to popular belief, your landlord does have the right to evict you. They are required, however, to go through the appropriate legal channels. This involves completing the necessary paperwork and giving the tenant a 30-day notice. Landlords who abruptly lock a tenant out of the property without warning could be faced with trespassing and/or burglary charges. Similarly, turning off utilities without notice could be seen as intentionally endangering the tenant, especially if the local climate is prone to extreme weather conditions.

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