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Filling your apartment with plants can be one of the best ways to freshen up a room and purify the air. Sometimes though, keeping your little green friends alive indoors can be a challenge. If you’ve had trouble keeping plants alive in the past, don’t be discouraged! Follow these tips to keep plants growing big and strong:

Buy Healthy Plants

Buying unhealthy plants is a surefire way to guarantee that they won’t last long in your apartment. In order to prevent the untimely death of your houseplants, start by choosing a reputable nursery that you know purchases high-quality plants and cares for them properly before selling them. Upon choosing your plant, give it a quick inspection to ensure that it is free of damage. Avoid plants with yellow, brown, wilted, or spotted leaves.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to buy plants that come with comprehensive planting and care labels.

Know How Much Time You Have

Different plants require different amounts of attention. Before choosing which plants you are going to fill your home with, do online and in-store research to figure out how much care certain varieties require, to determine which plants are right for you. In order to keep your plant care stress-free, choose ones that require similar care to keep your schedule straightforward.

Bonus Tip: If you have a hectic schedule, build your confidence by starting with plants such as aloe, cacti, and air plants.

Let the Light In

When caring for plants, it is important that they receive the proper amount of light. Follow instructions on the care label as to whether each variety needs minimal to large amounts of natural light. Once you know how much light each of your plants needs, place them strategically throughout your apartment.

Watch the Water

Overwatering is one of the most common killers of many varieties of houseplants. To know when your plants are ready to be watered, stick your finger an inch into the soil (near the edge of the pot). If it's dry then you know it’s time to water. Good drainage is also critical to raising healthy plants. Make sure that all of your plants are draining properly by picking a pot with holes and using pebbles to keep water away from the roots

Bonus Tip: If you notice that the dish in which your plant is sitting has filled with water drainage, dump it out. Plants like showers, not baths.

Don’t let dead plants get you down anymore. Now you too can keep your plants as healthy as can be.

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