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While flying cars and time travel are not yet a reality, the home of the future can be. Internet-connected tools can save you money, improve your days and make your apartment safer. Read more to find out how investing in these tech-savvy devices can enhance your home.

Smart Alarm System

With all of the love put in and time spent at your apartment, it’s important that it is as safe as possible. Most smart home systems are straightforward and simple to install yourself, which can save you from having to spend thousands of dollars on installation and maintenance fees. By installing an advanced home security system, you can have remote access (via your smart device) to video feeds and motion or sound based alerts. These can be sent to you at the moment, wherever you are. Another helpful smart home device is a smart lock system. This can allow you to unlock your door with your smartphone, and never have to worry about forgetting your keys again

Bonus Tip: Make sure to consider whether or not you want to opt for wireless or wired systems (which may require drilling) by doing research and consulting with your landlords prior to installation.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an application available on most smartphones, or as standalone devices, that can process voice commands and complete tasks for the user. While virtual assistants were once used for personal aid and entertainment, like telling jokes, playing music and sending texts, many are now able to adjust controls within your home. From dimming lights and adjusting thermostats, to setting your alarm system and remembering where you put your keys, virtual assistants can keep your daily life simple and efficient.

Self-Adjusting Thermostat

The average person adjusts the temperature in their home 1500 times per year. With hydro costs on the rise, having a system that regulates your apartment’s heat and air conditioning usage whenever necessary can save you tons. Learning thermostats such as Nest and Honeywell allow you to manually input your desired setting, and over time adapts to patterns learning when you are usually at home or away, night and day, and when is the best time to enter power saving mode.

Bonus Tip: Many of these brands can be controlled via your smart device and enable to access information regarding how much energy you are using, why, and when.

Modern Mattress

Whether you suffer from insomnia or struggle getting comfortable in bed, you can rest assured that you will be greatly benefited by a smart mattress.  Connected to an app, smart mattresses offer sleep tracking, allowing you to your time slept, how much you tossed and turned during the night, your respiratory and heart rate, the bed and room temperature, your sleep schedule, and sleep stages. Additionally, the app enables you to access bed temperature sensors and has bed warming capabilities (which can be adjusted by side if you share your bed with a partner. The smart mattresses app can also sync with other smart home devices, allowing you to avoid sleep distractions and disruptions, dimming your lights or even waking you up with a fresh pot of coffee.

Tech-Savvy Lighting

Probably the oldest and most reputable smart home system, tech-savvy lighting can allow you to save on your electricity bill and control lighting levels with your smart device. There are numerous varieties and purposes for smart lighting including smart bulbs, smart bulbs and smart switches – all of which can facilitate your day-to-day activities.

Don’t wait! Switch your current devices to any of these high-tech gadgets today to save money and live better.

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