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With summer coming to an end, don’t let the stress of high utility bills ruin all of the rest and relaxation that you’ve experienced over the past few months. In order to reduce your apartment’s electricity use, test out a few of these tips:


Dimmer switches save energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the bulb and allowing lights to operate with lower power outputs. Since lights under less stress shine longer, dimmers are known to extend the lifespan of your bulbs, too. However, if you plan on always keeping the lights on low, you should probably just opt for lower wattage light bulbs, which use less energy at full power than standard dimmed lights. You can also try switching to LED lights to lower energy consumption.


Laundry is one of the largest sources of energy consumption within a home. This can be improved by altering your laundry routine from start to finish. To start, ensure that you are washing laundry in larger loads to reduce the frequency with which you are using the washing machine and dryer. When putting in loads, choose cold water whenever possible. Although there are situations when warm water is necessary for preserving the items, most of the time and with most detergents, cold water is a suitable alternative. Finally, whenever possible, hang laundry to dry.

Phantom Users

75 percent of the energy used in an apartment is consumed by electronics such as televisions, ovens, microwaves and more, after they’ve been turned off. Prevent this accidental waste of energy by ensuring that items have been unplugged when not in use. Simplify this process by plugging all items in one area into a power bar, then unplug whenever they aren’t in use.


Cut down on heating and air conditioning by taking all possible measures to shield your home from the elements. Ensure that windows are sealed, and the sun is being shielded from your apartment by keeping curtains and blinds closed on sunny days. An oven is even more expensive to run when your air conditioner is running. Cooking during cooler parts of the day will allow you to open the window and use a fan to circulate air through your apartment.

Don’t let big bills get you down. Making small changes in your energy use behaviours can help protect you from big bills and wasted electricity today.

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