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Are you currently living in or planning on moving into an apartment? Are you interested in owning a pet? The good news is; you can do both! Keep reading for the important information that you need to know before owning a pet in an apartment:

Understand Breed Restrictions

While some apartments don’t allow animals at all, others only have restrictions on the type and breed of animals that can live in their apartments. Often, landlords regulate the type of animal living within their buildings to avoid liability as well as any possible damage to their properties. If you are faced with breed restrictions that don’t accommodate your pet, you aren’t out of luck. Sometimes landlords are willing to welcome certain pets under special circumstances. For example, arrange a meeting with them prior to signing a lease in order to demonstrate and prove that your pet is trained and well-behaved. Include an introduction to your pet, reference letters, obedience training certificates, etc. If your landlord accepts you and your pet as new tenants, air on the side of caution and consider purchasing pet insurance for extra security. 

Beat Space Limitations

When choosing a new apartment keep an eye out for those specifically designed with pets in mind as they may come equipped with dog parks, pet runs, accessible entrances, and other relevant amenities. If this is not the case, and you are struggling to find space for your pet in your apartment, designate a specific area for them. Tidy and wash this area more frequently than the rest of your apartment to keep it fresh, eliminate odors and ensure that your pet is comfortable going there. If you’re still struggling to find space in your apartment, you made need to rearrange your furniture so your apartment has a more open feel – this may require donating or storing unnecessary pieces of furniture. Try to live as minimalistic as possible so your pet has space to play. Finally, ensure that your pet has plenty of opportunities to exercise, despite living in a smaller space. Prioritize playtime, take them outside whenever possible, and look into alternative options to help you give them the healthiest life possible.

Bonus Tip: Opt for pet-friendly furniture to avoid having to repurchase damaged items. Pet-friendly furniture.  

Don’t be the Noisy Neighbour

One of the biggest concerns of having pets in an apartment in the disruption that they can cause other tenants. Typically, animals don’t make noise for no particular reason (although certain types do). Noise can be a response to perceived threats of exciting sights including outdoor animals, other people, and unrecognizable sounds. For that reason, one of the most effective ways to eliminate unnecessary pet noise is simply preventing sights and sounds from accessing your animal indoors. This can be done by closing blinds and windows or turning on a television or white-noise machine. Additionally, make sure that you’re providing your pet with positive reinforcement when they stop making noise and show restraint. This will encourage future good behavior.

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